Message from Executive Director

The East Hartford Housing Authority (EHHA) will continue to develop strategies to maintain financial stability in light of reduced federal funding, improve our housing stock and provide necessary services for our residents.

The East Hartford Housing Authority intends to focus on creating more cooperative collaboration with the East Hartford business community and service providers.  These efforts will be directed to meet the needs of the residents in our community through strategic planning that will assist them in obtaining the necessary educational training and employment skills to achieve social and economic self-sufficiency.

This Authority will continue to seek grants related to self-sufficiency and economic empowerment of public housing residents and tenant-based assistance participants. It is our plan to increase the services/support families receive, and vastly change the availability and coordination of job skills workshops, family skills training, homeownership opportunities and other related activities. We anticipate this will result in a larger percentage of our served population achieving self-sufficiency.

Thanks to our Board of Commissioners, the Town of East Hartford and our supporters.